The kitchen in our house is the heart of our home. This is where we as a family cook, laugh and sometimes cry (depending on
what level of spice is used at the time for our flavour fusion) together. Our kitchen is where the start of the magic happens with our Flavour Fusions. We pride ourselves on using the finest and freshest produce to pack each dish with flavours and tastes that will explode in your mouth! 


Below are only a few of our all-time favourites but with Sasa’s chef’s hat on, do look out for exciting new Flavour Fusions to be
added regularly.


Pronounced ba-boor-tea, the national dish of South Africa is a delicious mixture of curried meat (traditional lamb) and fruit with a creamy golden egg custard topping, not dissimilar to moussaka. Served with Yellow Raisin Rice, it is most definitely a contender for being a favourite in our household!


(no Bunnies where harmed in anyway)

Bunny chow, often referred to as a bunny, is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry. It originated in the Durban Indian community.


Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat. Resembling small, fluffy pancakes. Unlike American pancakes, they have a light, spongy texture.


Traditional Afrikaner fried dough bread. It is like the Caribbean "Johnny cake", the Dutch "Oliebol" and the Mexican sopapillas. Favourite fillings include Curried Minced Beef, pulled Jerk Chicken, homemade Chakalaka with grilled Halloumi.  
However, we always carry some golden syrup with us, you know, just in case


Pronounced Boo-ruh W (like the V in weave)-orse (like in horse) and means Farmers (Boere) Sausage (Wors). A "BoereWors" roll is the same as a hot dog but uses traditional farm style sausage
and not a wiener.

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